Welcome to get a new start in School of Environment 2014-09-10


       Welcom to School of Environment as our new international students.  To help you with a easy start in BNU, here provides some instructions:
1. Registration:
       1)  New International students are expected to register in International Students Office (Jingshi BLD 3rd floortill Sept. 4th. Please bring your passport and admission letter.  
       2) After registered in the International student office, you would come to my office (Room 507, School of Environment) in 8:00-11:30, 14:00-17:30, Sept. 1st -5th. Registeration in school is easy, bring your student ID will be enough. 
2. Curriculum schedule and selection
     1) Following are the School calendar and curriculum schedule in 2014-2015 Autumn Semester.   School of Environment will provide International Courses (taught in English) for you from Sept 11th (Thursday). 
       *Find more details about courses here
     2) Student would login in with student ID as usename and birthday (yyyymmdd) as password to select crouse till Sept. 19th. 
      *Since the system is in Chinese, if you find any difficulty, you may contact with the secretary. 
      3) Student may attend all the courses during first two weeks, then make the decision on course selection.
3. Opening ceremony
      BNU will hold an opening ceremony in 9:00 am Sept. 5th (Friday), student activity center. 
      School of Environment will hold one for you either. During our ceremony, you will get to meet your classmate, the program leader, manager. All the questions about how to select courses, how to choose a supervisor, credit requirment and so on will be well answered. We will provide you more instructions about you study and life here. 
      The date will be determined after all new students arrive.  Please pay attention to email notice. 
4. Email account


    You might find your previous email account doesn't work well here. 
     BNU provides everystudent an email account in http://mail.bnu.edu.cn 
    Username: student ID (201329180001) 
    Password: Birthday in YYYYMMDD (19871115) 
    I strongly recommend you use this account during your study in BNU. 
      Looking forward to have you join us in School of Environment. 

Calendar & curriculum schedule in 2014 Autumn (please click it to download)

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