Interantional course — International Conservation and Sustainable Development 2013-05-28



      James P. Lassoie,International Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Science, Cornell University;

      Dong Shikui, professor of School of Environment, Beijing Normal University

Study hour : 18

Credit: 1

Time:2013/6/1-6/25 (3 classes/ week, 2 hours/class)

Place:academic conference room, 6th floor, school of environment




Theory and practices on conservation science,

Stakeholders in conservation science,

Coupled human-natural systems,

Payment for environmental services,

Wildlife-human conflicts:


Class 1: Perspectives on Conservation Sciences I: Theory (2 hrs);

Class 2: Perspectives on Conservation Sciences II: Practices (2 hrs);

Class 3: Parks, Protected Areas and Humans (2 hrs);

Class 4: Stakeholders in Conservation Practices (2 hrs);

Class 5: Coupled Human & Natural Systems (2 hrs);

Class 6: Case I- Wildlife-human Conflicts in Protected Areas of Bhutan (2 hrs)

Class 7: Case II-Payment for Environmental Services in Lijiang Watershed, China (2 hrs)

Class 8: Case III-Wildlife Protection in Nairobi National Park, Kenya (2 hrs)

Class 9: Seminar and Exam (2 hrs).


Testing & Evaluating Mode: test and report


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