Three International Students Awarded First Prizes 2016-12-04

Three International student from the School of Environment have distinguished themselves by clinching on to the first positions of the 2015-2016 BNU Yearly Scholarship for Current International Degree Students. The three international student are Muhammed Wakeel, a PhD student from Pakistan and Steve-Wonder Amakpah and Ernest Asamoah Frimpong both masters students from Ghana. Over the years, the School of Environment have produced outstanding graduates who won various categories of excellent academic awards and scholarships in BNU.

The unprecedented performance by these students bring to light the relentless inputs of academic advisors of the School of Environment and hard work of the individual student. The awards are based on outstanding academic performance and examination results.

When asked what he feels about the award, Muhammad Wakeel got this to say, “I am thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am deeply appreciative of my teacher, Prof. Bin Chen and friends’ support and generosity.”

Congratulations to all winners.

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