International course——Freshwater wetland and Biology and Bioreme 2013-05-28


Time: 8:30-11:30am, 2:00-5:00pm, 21th May to 24th May 2013.

place: academic conference room, 6th floor, School of Environment.

PART I. WETLAND BIOLOGY (Lecturer: Prof. Yuxiang Wang)

1. Introduction

2. Wetland Environment

3. Microorganism and invertebrates

4. Wetland plants and animals

5. Spatial and temporal patterns of wetlands

6. Wetland functions

7. The current states and future of wetlands

PART II. BIOREMEDIATION (Lecturer: Dr. Lefebvre)

1. Introduction, Examples

2. Microbial Degradation

3. Important Microbe Characteristics

4. Microbial Metal Bioremediation

5. Plant Roots in Phytoremediation

6. More Weird Things about Plants

7. Phytodegradation and Phytovolatilization

8. Phytoextraction

9. Phytofiltration and Phytostabilization

10. Connections to Other Fields of Biology

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