Welcome to the School of Environment at Beijing Normal University (BNU). Our school is create by Board of BNU, with the objective to strengthen and coordinate the education and research activities at University in the fields of Environmental Geoscience, Management, Engineering, Chemistry, Economics, Hydrology, Ecology and Energy. Mutual cross-fertilization between these different disciplines within a single school creates new concepts and ideas that ensure ongoing research at the forefront of environment science and leading position in China.

  Our overall objective of the research activities is to explore and obtain insight in and reflect critically based on the interaction of natural sciences and society. Such objective should offer opportunities to link research and daily practices and to provide knowledge to industry, social institutions and government and additional sectors in such a way that we can achieve sustainable development of the society. Our mission is to investigate more to make significant contributions to providing integrated solutions for the challenges currently facing the society. It has to be achieved by more active and reactive cooperation at the global scale in the area of Environment.

  Our school offers a comprehensive range of environmental sciences courses in both the exact and social sciences. Meanwhile, we also provide Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs. Furthermore, our staffs are experts in a wide variety of environment with experiences collected from all over the globe, we have researchers working at our campus and also working under supervision off-site.

     We look forward to have cooperation with you to make considerable contribution for our environment and society.

     With best wishes.

     Dean, Professor Zhifeng Yang

Welcome to BNU
Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as long as the history of Chinese modern education. Beijing Normal University lays great emphasis on exchange and cooperation with educational institutions nationally, regionally and internationally, making every endeavor to pursue the global prestige. In addition, BNU has attached great importance to academic development and shaped herself into a moderately-scoped, reasonably-structured, diversified and comprehensive university. BNU is committed to the development of research, increasing research funding rapidly and achieving a number of high level research outcomes...

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